Video Playlist: Additive Manufacturing 101

Looking for a quick introduction to 3D printing and its application in additive manufacturing? Watch these videos. 


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Our mission at Additive Manufacturing is to cover the industrial applications of 3D printing technology. This can be a pretty tall order. There are many, many applications (ranging from prototyping and tooling to moldmaking and end-use parts) and constant technology updates, so there’s much to talk about.

On top of that, we’re addressing a varied audience. Some readers come to AM with years of experience and knowledge in 3D printing. Others are just starting out or only beginning to think about the possibilities. If that sounds familiar, welcome. Here are a few videos to get you started. 

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  • 3D Printing Resolution: High or Low?

    When does it make sense to opt for a high- or low-resolution print?

  • Understanding Surface Finish of Metal 3D-Printed Parts

    Additive manufacturing imposes inherent manufacturing and design challenges that impact the dimensions and tolerances that you can (or cannot) achieve on an “as built” part.

  • AM 101: Binder Jetting

    Binder jetting requires no support structures, is accurate and repeatable, and is said to eliminate dimensional distortion problems common in some high-heat 3D technologies. Here is a look at how binder jetting works and its benefits for additive manufacturing.