Video: Material, Machine and Quality Control Improvements in AM

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Arcam’s Francisco Medina discusses the advantages of electron beam melting (EBM), enabling factors for AM production and the future of powder-bed machines.

Francisco Medina, senior specialist in material development with Arcam, spoke with Additive Manufacturing about electron beam melting, the enabling factors for production with AM and how he sees additive manufacturing machines improving. 


  • Movable Components, No Assembly Required

    A medical device maker produces a 13-piece articulating section with zero assembly work, thanks to DMLS’s ability to make the free-moving section as one complete piece.

  • End-to-End Additive Manufacturing at Slice Mfg. Studios

    The Akron-based company aims to control and perfect the additive manufacturing of medical devices, from raw material all the way through shipping.

  • Medical Benefits

    Part examples from an established manufacturer of medical implants and instruments illustrate the expanded engineering possibilities that additive manufacturing is making possible.