Video: Increasing Air Traffic Points to Aerospace Manufacturing Growth

Michael Guckes, chief economist for Gardner Intelligence, explores the potential impact of air travel on aerospace manufacturing in this Market Minute video. 


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Gardner Intelligence, the research arm of Gardner Business Media (publisher of Additive Manufacturing), provides forecasting tools as well as analysis of trends and end markets important to manufacturers.

In addition to the annual World Machine Tool Survey and Capital Spending Survey, Gardner Intelligence also produces a monthly video series, the Market Minute, in which Chief Economist Michael Guckes discusses data related to a specific region or sector. When that sector is especially relevant to manufacturers leveraging additive manufacturing, we will share the video on this blog. (You can find all Gardner Intelligence videos on its YouTube channel). 

The most recent installment of the Market Minute focuses on aerospace, leveraging information from the International Air Traffic Association (IATA) on freight and passenger traffic in 2017. Watch the video below for a summary of trends in aerospace and market projections for 2018. 

Read more about aviation market conditions on the Gardner Intelligence site, and find stories about manufacturers applying 3D printing to create end-use parts and more for the aerospace industry under our Aerospace tag


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