Now Available: Additive Manufacturing May 2015 Digital Edition

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Articles cover hybrid manufacturing, complementing plastics molding with 3D printing, and CT scanning for inspecting additive parts.


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The cover story in the May issue of Additive Manufacturing highlights International Additive Manufacturing Award winner Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies, and also gives a snapshot of the development to date of the idea of hybrid manufacturing—or applying both additive and subtractive processes within the same machine. Also in this issue, a custom molder describes lessons learned in applying 3D printing for short-run production of plastic parts. Another article considers the value of CT scanning for additive-manufactured part inspection. Read these stories in the digital edition of the issue. To subscribe to Additive Manufacturinggo here.


  • How Additive Manufacturing Is Like (and Different from) CNC Machining

    A leading machining business applies the skill of a toolmaker to using additive manufacturing effectively. The manufacturer shares application examples, as well as thoughts on the challenge and promise of this technology.

  • Machining From STL Files

    If you think the STL file format is just a convenient means for programming rapid prototyping machines, think again. Here's how STL can work for machinists too.

  • The Future of Manufacturing

    According to engineers with GE Aviation, the challenges of additive metal manufacturing—serious as they are—are small compared to the promise that this technology holds. How else can you make a plane engine 1,000 pounds lighter?