2/24/2017 | 1 MINUTE READ

Budgets for Additive Manufacturing to Increase in 2017, According to Survey

A survey conducted by Fast Radius indicates that manufacturers will spend more on 3D-printed parts including prototypes and functional parts.


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Manufacturers expect to increase their budgets for both outsourced and in-house additive manufacturing of parts in 2017, according to a survey conducted by on-demand parts manufacturer Fast Radius. The company has released the results of its Additive Manufacturing Trends Survey for the fourth quarter of 2016, citing responses from senior manufacturing executives in North America.

More than 30 percent of the survey respondents say they plan to increase their budget for 3D-printed parts and products by more than 50 percent in 2017. A similar amount say that their budgets will remain the same as 2016, while nearly 20 percent say their budgets will increase by less than 50 percent.

The survey shows that while prototyping is still the most popular application for 3D printing, more than half of the respondents are 3D printing functional parts. Sixty percent of respondents say they currently use 3D printing for functional parts, and almost 50 percent directly 3D print jigs and fixtures.

As for future 3D printing applications, 50 percent of respondents say they are investing in the design of new parts for production, and nearly as many are focused on using 3D printing to reduce inventory through on-demand production.

Read the full report here.