AM Conference Speaker: PTI Engineered Plastics

PTI Engineered Plastics is exploring potential profit with 3D-printed hollow inserts, changing the way they look at injection mold inserts. Learn more during a presentation at the Additive Manufacturing Conference in September.


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Manufacturers can unlock the potential of additive manufacturing by thinking about solid blocks differently than we have for the last 50 years. Still in an early stage compared to typical processes, the uses for AM are largely limited by imagination. One company saw an opportunity to change the way they look at injection mold inserts and potentially profit. Starting with conformal cooling, PTI Engineered Plastics has reimagined plastics injection molding with 3D-printed hollow inserts, improving the cooling strategy with liquid carbon dioxide spot cooling. PTI’s directing manager of new technology, Scott Kraemer, will explain how his company created hollow mold inserts at the upcoming Additive Manufacturing Conference, co-located with IMTS 2016. In his presentation, Kraemer will discuss the potential of additive in the future of moldmaking. The presentation takes place on Tuesday, September 13, at 4:30 p.m. in Sky Ballroom B, room W375-B.

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