AM Conference Speaker: Autodesk

Autodesk’s Duann Scott will give a presentation at the 2017 Additive Manufacturing Conference on generative design technologies.


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Additive manufacturing has the potential to design strong, lightweight metal and polymer parts with organic geometries that cannot be modeled manually. But this potential is lost in commonly used design applications that were developed to produce models for traditional manufacturing processes, argues Duann Scott of Autodesk.

Next-generation design tools for additive manufacturing, such as Autodesk’s Netfabb 2017 software, enable more design possibilities by optimizing geometry based on the parameters of the product requirements. Generative tools such as this are said to enhance designs by enabling fast and efficient lightweighting and refinement of parts and quick creation of support structures.

Scott, who handles business and development strategy for additive manufacturing and composites at Autodesk, will give a presentation on generative design technologies including topology optimization, latticing and form synthesis during the 2017 Additive Manufacturing Conference. The talk will take place Wednesday, October 11, at 9 a.m.

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