AM Conference: Safety Standards for Additive Manufacturing Facilities

UL shares its safety advice for additive manufacturing facilities at the Additive Manufacturing Conference on September 11, 2018.


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With additive manufacturing advancements come new potential safety risks and considerations, which can be difficult to integrate into the current safety practices at a facility. For example, manufacturing parts using powder-based AM techniques introduce potential new hazards. Underwriters Laboratories (UL), which provides additive manufacturing training to professionals with an emphasis on safety, has developed the first industry standard for AM facility safety management, called UL 3400.

Paul Bates, lead AM development engineer at UL, will be presenting the UL 3400 strategy at the 2018 Additive Manufacturing Conference taking place September 11 and 12 in Chicago. The presentation will cover how UL 3400 addresses safety issues like hazard classification, design requirements, applicable standards, process safety information, standard operating procedures, emergency planning and response and process hazard analysis. The presentation, taking place on Tuesday, September 11 at 10:15 a.m., will also teach attendees how to navigate other local and international safety standards as well.

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