2/13/2017 | 1 MINUTE READ

Additive Manufacturing Users Group Conference, March 19-23

The event dedicated to active industrial users of 3D printing technology will be held this year in Chicago, Illinois.


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If your facility recently added a 3D printer, you might not be aware of a perk that comes with that piece of equipment. Owning and using an industrial 3D printer allow the personnel involved with it to register for the Additive Manufacturing User Group (AMUG) conference, a closed annual event focused on additive manufacturing technology and its applications.

From the event's website:

“To ​register ​as ​an ​attendee ​for ​the ​Additive ​Manufacturing ​Users ​Group ​(AMUG) ​Educational ​& ​Training ​Conference, ​you/your ​company ​must ​have ​direct ​ownership of ​industrial ​additive ​manufacturing ​equipment [and must be] ​using ​it ​for ​professional ​applications.”

To be sure, that description captures a growing number of facilities. With the advance of 3D printing for part-making applications, the AMUG organization and this conference have changed and expanded over time. The group originally began (under a different name) as a forum for users of some of the earliest 3D printing technology. Today, the range of technologies and range of relevant applications have dramatically expanded, and the AMUG annual conference has grown to become a significant additive manufacturing event, but the event retains its distinctness by remaining limited to active industrial users of the technology.

At this year’s conference, keynote speakers will include Todd Grimm of T.A. Grimm and Associates and Jason Lopes of Legacy Effects, as well as Caterpillar Additive Manufacturing Product Manager Stacey DelVecchio. The conference agenda shows an increasing emphasis on 3D printing for production, a trend that has been apparent at previous conferences, including last year’s. This year, I expect to contribute to that emphasis on production. I’ll be moderating a panel on Monday of the conference titled, “Identifying and Solving Process Efficiencies in AM,” hosted by Authentise.

Held in Chicago, Illinois, this year’s Additive ​Manufacturing ​Users ​Group ​Educational ​& ​Training ​Conference runs March 19-23. Learn more and register at additivemanufacturingusersgroup.com/amug-conference.