Stratasys Launches TPU 92A Elastomer

Intended for use in its F123 machines, the material offers elasticity and durability with soluble support.

ExOne X1 25Pro 3D Printing Machine Supports Production Volumes

The platform is intended as a step up for users of the Innovent+ platform who are interested in scaling to a mid-size production metal 3D printer.

Edgecam 2019 Includes Module for Additive Manufacturing

Edgecam 2019 R1 introduces an additive manufacturing module along with 30 other enhancements.

Rize Introduces Full-Color XRize Desktop 3D Printer

The XRize uses the company's Augmented Deposition 3D printing technology in combination with CMYK inks.

3MF Consortium Announces Adopters of 3D Printing Format

Thirty-two products from 17 companies have adopted the 3MF Consortium’s (3MF) 3D printing format.

Ultimaker Introduces Material Profiles in Partnership with Suppliers

Material profiles from BASF, Clariant, DSM, DuPont and Owens Corning are now available in Ultimaker Cura 3.6.

LEO Lane Software-as-a-Service Ensures Consistent Additive Manufacturing

LEO Lane's software-as-as-service (SaaS) solution ensures consistent, secure additive manufacturing designed to preserve brand integrity.

Nanogrande Launches MPL-1 Nano 3D Printer

The nanoscale 3D printer is designed to layer metal particles smaller than 5 microns.

Xaar Launches High Laydown (HL) Technology

The 3D printing technology prints materials with high viscosity.

Kodak Partners with Evolve Additive Solutions

Kodak and Evolve scale production capabilities and speed of additive manufacturing with electrophotographic technology.

Authentise Teams Up with Autodesk for AM Workflow

Autodesk and Authentise collaborate to deliver an integrated workflow for additive manufacturing.

3YourMind Presents Revised Additive Manufacturing Part Identifier (AMPI)

The updated AM Part Identifier (AMPI) from 3YourMind automatically checks large part databases to detect which parts may represent good business cases for 3D printing, and whether to switch from traditional to additive manufacturing (AM) for any given part.