ExOne Releases Innovent+ with Increased Powder Handling Capabilities

Rapid 2018: ExOne showcases the Innovent+ as well as expanded dust management options for both it and the original Innovent.

Yxlon Cheetah Evo Plus Enables Inspection of 3D-Printed Parts

Rapid 2018: The system supports both X-ray and CT inspection of additively manufactured parts. 

Faro's Design ScanArm Scans 600,000 Points Per Second

Rapid 2018: Faro’s Design ScanArm 2.0 includes features that increase efficiency and accuracy.

Voxeljet VX200 Offers High-Speed Sintering for Functional Components

Rapid 2018: The High-Speed Sintering (HSS) process is said to combine the advantages of selective laser sintering and binder jetting.

Farsoon’s Entry-Level PLS System Produces Detailed Parts

New processing systems and specially developed control software help the eForm achieve the functionality and power of an industrial AM system. 

Kuraray Launches Water-Soluble Mowiflex Material

Rapid 2018: The support material offers cold-water solubility as well as high stiffness. 

OR Laser Introduces Orlas Cube for Laser Cladding

Rapid 2018: The enclosed system is compatible with all laser sources and processing heads from OR Laser. 

Farsoon PLS AM System Combines Flexibility, Efficiency

The polymer laser sintering system combines an open platform with a high-efficiency roller system, removable powder cartridge system and temperature control system.

What GE’s Machine Learning Ecosystem Will Mean for Additive Manufacturing

At GE’s Global Research Center in upstate New York, engineers join forces to build a digital library of additive research.

EOS AM Software Enables Flexibility, Efficiency

Programs for job and process management, monitoring, and connectivity help users integrate 3D printing into manufacturing processes. 

Sodick Releases Material Recovery System (MRS)

The Automatic Material Recovery System (MRS) is designed for use with Sodick’s OPM metal 3D printing system.

Vericut Version 8.2.1 Includes Enhancements for Additive Manufacturing

The CNC machine simulation and optimization software from CGTech has added support for additive material deposition.