Solvay Offers Specialty Polymer Filaments

Designed specifically for 3D printing, the three high-performance polymer filaments are designed to encourage layer adhesion.

Sinterit Lisa 2 Expands Build Volume, Material Options for Desktop SLS

The desktop selective laser sintering (SLS) 3D printer features an expanded, nitrogen-filled build chamber to support larger parts in more materials.

Stratasys Offers PEKK-Based Antero 800NA for High Performance

The filament is suitable for applications in aerospace and high-performance vehicles, among others.

Trumpf TruPrint 5000 Boosts Productivity with Three Fiber Lasers

The TruPrint 5000 metal 3D printer features three fiber lasers that can operate simultaneously at any point within the build chamber.

Vader Offers System Solutions for Liquid Metal 3D Printing

The company offers its metal 3D printing technology as both a stand-alone system and as an accessory for hybrid manufacturing.

Ultimaker S5 Optimized for Reliable Operation in Existing Workflows

The polymer 3D printer is intended to be a professional solution for functional prototypes, manufacturing tools and end-use parts.

Desktop Metal Introduces Studio System+ and Studio Fleet

The company's metal 3D printing technology has received updates and is now available in a custom configuration with debinder and furnace units.

EOS Unveils EOS M 300 Series for Industrial Production

The Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) machine supports automation and custom configuration with a variety of options.

Carbon Releases MPU 100 Material for Medical Applications

Medical Polyurethane 100 (MPU) offers mechanical strength, biocompatibility and sterilizability for skin-contact devices and other medical applications.

Stratasys Fortus 900 Features MTConnect-Ready Interface

Intended for production applications in aerospace and other industries, the F900 3D printer supports integration with the MTConnect protocol.

Optomec Introduces LENS 860 Hybrid Controlled Atmosphere (CA) Metal 3D Printer

The large-format metal 3D printer's hermetically sealed build chamber supports hybrid manufacturing with reactive materials.

3D-Hybrid Introduces ATC Solution for Hybrid Manufacturing

IMTS 2018: The Automatic Tool Change (ATC) Solution for hybrid manufacturing equips a machine tool with a high-deposition wire arc 3D printing head.