Make Large Prototypes on a Small 3D Printer

To prove out the designs of brackets that are much larger than its 3D printer, this manufacturer prints the bracket models in pieces and assembles them into prototypes.

Reverse Engineering and 3D Printing: A Practical Solution

A contract manufacturer routinely reverse engineers and 3D prints prototypes of aerospace legacy parts for more confident production.

Expanding Horizons with Rapid Tooling

Investing in 3D printing for rapid tooling brought product development time from months down to weeks for this moldmaker.

3D Printing Impacts Production Mold Design

3D-printed cavities and cores serve as a testing ground to quickly prove out production mold design options.

Agility Through 3D Printing

Additive manufacturing capability has helped this shop stay flexible, in both the prototyping and moldmaking parts of its business.

How Is Caterpillar Moving Forward with AM?

Heavy equipment manufacturer Caterpillar has found numerous uses for additive manufacturing in its operations. Here are just a few applications the company has found.

Machining vs. 3D Printing for Functional Prototypes

In making a short-run functional prototype, when does CNC machining make sense and when is 3D printing the option to use instead?

Material Improvement

In addition to the geometric freedom, additive manufacturing also provides the freedom to use metals that would be difficult to apply another way. Deka Research & Development is exploring both freedoms as it seeks to create a power source that could improve the lives of people around the world.

Urban Bike Relies on Component Produced through DMLS

A complex component that improves bike design and simplifies assembly is manufactured economically at low volumes via additive manufacturing.

Autodesk Creates 3D Printing Investment Program

The Spark Investment Fund, operated within Autodesk, will make as much as $100 million available to companies and individuals developing innovations in hardware, software, materials and other activities related to the promotion of 3D printing and additive manufacturing technology.

3D Printing’s Expanding Role

By providing solid prototypes of proposed part designs, one company has saved enough money in avoided rework to pay for its new 3D printer several times over.

3D Printing for Better Customer Communication

Additive technology helps a mold manufacturer establish better customer communication and create a more productive design process.

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