3D Printed Prefab Homes, Made from Composite and UL-Certified

Mighty Buildings wants to change the construction industry with prefabricated houses 3D printed on demand from thermoset polymer composite. Two such buildings have already been installed.

What Do These Flip Flops Say About Manufacturing's Future?: The Cool Parts Show S3E5

These 3D printed flip-flops are an example of mass customization, but they also hint at manufacturing's more sustainable, circular future. Find out why in this episode of The Cool Parts Show

Industrializing AM: A Simple Cost Equation

The costs of AM are still throttling its adoption.

How to Pursue AM Adoption Within an Established Manufacturing Organization

Succeeding with additive manufacturing requires enterprise-wide buy-in and change. EOS describes tactics including a two-team structure: transformation team and implementation team.

How to Measure, Characterize and Qualify AM Across the Process Chain

Pradeep Bhattad of Zeiss discusses AM process control - understanding of how parameters affect form, size and microstructure. Join him Oct. 2 at 1:00 pm EDT as part of AM In-Depth. (Add to your MySpark Planner.)

Nexa3D, Siemens Collaborate to Optimize Polymer Production

Nexa3D’s entire Quantum Laser Sintering product line is being standardized to Siemens’ advanced factory automation and edge computing technologies.

The Case for Additive Manufacturing in Production

3D printing may have started out as a rapid prototyping technique, but the machines and materials have matured to the point that production is not only viable, but desirable, in many cases.

Why Robots and Additive Manufacturing Go Together

3D printing and robots enable one another. We miss the possibilities of one if we do not consider the other. The combination includes AM for end effectors, robots for 3D printing parts, and different modes of metal and plastic production.

Authentise, Addiguru Partner on Integrated In-Process AM Monitoring

Collaboration enables workflow monitoring for real-time actions to repair defects or stop failed prints.

The Challenges to the Organization: How to Make the Shift to AM for Production

Fabian Alefeld of EOS offers a way forward with AM. Success affects design, the role of manufacturing and the entire value chain. Join him Sept. 21 at 1:00 pm EDT as part of AM In-Depth. (Add to your MySpark Planner.)

Hear a Tier 1 Automotive Manufacturer Describe the Journey to AM for Production

Dylan Schickel of Varroc Lighting Systems describes AM successes and offers hard-knocks advice for others on this journey. Join him Sept. 21 at 2:30 pm EDT as part of AM In-Depth. (Add to your MySpark Planner.)

The Promise of Full Polymerization in Resin 3D Printing

Origin’s platform isn’t just another resin 3D printer based on digital light processing (DLP). Through hardware, software and material partnerships, the company is changing what is possible inside a photopolymerization printer.

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