Automated Postprocessing Achieves Surface Finish for Shrouded Impellers

Ingersoll Rand achieved 80 percent reduction in roughness average for its 3D-printed shrouded impellers using the automated Hybrid Deci Duo from PostProcess Technologies.

Postprocessing Steps and Costs for Metal 3D Printing

When your metal part is done 3D printing, you just pull it out of the machine and start using it, right? Not even close.

Postprocessing System Automates 3D-Printed Part Finishing

The Hybrid Deci Duo system from PostProcess Technologies combines finishing media and chemistry with a PC control to automate support removal and surface finishing.

Will My AM Part Explode?

Will my additive manufactured part explode? Not if you’re careful. Postprocessing parts built from metallic powder requires extra precautions.