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What Do These Flip Flops Say About Manufacturing's Future?: The Cool Parts Show S3E5

These 3D printed flip-flops are an example of mass customization, but they also hint at manufacturing's more sustainable, circular future. Find out why in this episode of The Cool Parts Show

Essentium’s DryBox Stores, Protects 3D Materials

Storage system maintains optimum environment for materials to extend shelf life, yield more consistent prints and produce better part quality.

Can Microscale 3D Printing Reduce Surgeries for Glaucoma Sufferers?

Boston Micro Fabrication (BMF) is exploring this promise. Eye stents are made of metal today. Fine-detail additive manufacturing can enable polymer instead, improving patient experience.

ALM’s Polypropylene Powder Offers Higher Elongation at Break

PP 400 polypropylene powder for selective laser sintering provides better impact resistance for use in dynamic environments.

DSM, Nexa3D Collaborate to Fast Track Laser Sintering Materials

Nexa3D to include DSM’s PBT laser sintering material in its Quantum Laser Sintering QLS 350 starter kit beginning in early 2021.

Teton’s Smart Slice Reduces 3D Material Usage

Software can automatically optimize parameters so users can identify settings that yield the fastest print job by minimizing time and material while meeting strength requirements.

Micro 3D Printing for Tiny Connectors: The Cool Parts Show S3E4

Microscale additive manufacturing offers an alternative to micromolding and micromachining. On this episode of The Cool Parts Show, 3D printed electrical connectors are our smallest cool part yet.

BMF MicroArch S240 Offers Microprecision Industrial 3D Printing

Printer combines large build volume, fast printing speeds and advanced materials with ultra-high resolution, accuracy and precision.

BCN3D’s Expanded Printing Line Boosts Productivity

The Epsilon W27, Smart Cabinet and Sigma D25 are designed to offer more powerful, integrated solutions to improve 3D printing workflow.

Armor Group Begins 3D Production in U.S.

Company starts 3D materials production in U.S. through its Kimya subsidiary, located in Hebron, Kentucky.

Automated Postprocessing Speeds Resin-Based Additive Manufacturing Workflows

Two manufacturers utilizing resin 3D printing techniques have found time and cost savings via automated resin removal and part cleaning equipment.

Nexa3D, Siemens Collaborate to Optimize Polymer Production

Nexa3D’s entire Quantum Laser Sintering product line is being standardized to Siemens’ advanced factory automation and edge computing technologies.

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