Metal AM

Metal AM System Revs Up Prototyping for Startup’s New Engine

The Desktop Metal Studio System demonstrates time and cost savings in prototyping and improving the parts for Lumenium’s IDAR engine. 

Aeromet, Partners Awarded Funding to Develop AM Metal Powder

An industry-led program awarded the group of companies funding to optimize A20X aluminum powder for use in additive manufacturing of aerospace parts.

Postprocessing Steps and Costs for Metal 3D Printing

When your metal part is done 3D printing, you just pull it out of the machine and start using it, right? Not even close.

Simufact Additive 3 Software Provides Thermal Mapping

 Simufact Additive 3 uses thermal mapping to identify areas of problematic heat buildup at an early stage in the metal 3D printing process.

3D Printing the World's Smallest Flow Measurement Probes

Vectoflow has found its niche in 3D printing flow measurement probes featuring up to five holes on a probe head diameter as tiny as 0.9 mm.

Atlas 3D's Sunata AM Software Automates Orientation

The software has also been tested with QuesTek’s Ferrium C64 metal powder.

Xact Metal XM200S Supports Low-Cost Metal 3D Printing

The powder-bed fusion system supports high-performance metal 3D printing within a compact footprint. 

Oerlikon, Boeing Partner to Standardize Metal AM

The collaboration is intended to create standard practices and materials for producing AM parts for the aerospace industry.

Metal AM Advances Thermal Management Systems in Aerospace

The aerospace industry is increasingly turning to additive manufacturing for thermal management components. Andrew Carter of Stratasys Direct Manufacturing explains why.

What Effect Does Gas Flow Have in Metal Additive Manufacturing?

Sintavia has partnered with one of the world’s leading providers of industrial gases in order to understand and improve metal AM’s most significant process variable.

BeAM Modulo 400 Offers Compact Directed Energy Deposition

Rapid 2018: The five-axis system offers DED capability and peripherals within a compact footprint. 

AMUG Conference Celebrates 30th Anniversary with Record Attendance

Photos capture some of what I saw at the event this year. As this event continues to grow, it will need to adapt in order to continue to fulfill its valuable and long-standing role of serving AM’s users.