Metal AM

ExOne Releases Innovent+ with Increased Powder Handling Capabilities

Rapid 2018: ExOne showcases the Innovent+ as well as expanded dust management options for both it and the original Innovent.

3D-Printed Parts Said to Outperform 17-4 PH Stainless Steel

Cylinders 3D-printed by ITAMCO from EOS 17-4 PH powder were found to have higher tensile strength than raw material 17-4 PH that had been heat treated.

Fabrisonic's Ultrasonic AM Integrates Sensors into Metal

Rapid 2018: Fabrisonic’s Ultrasonic AM technology uses solid-state welding to integrate temperature-sensitive components into 3D-printed metal parts.

Series: Installing a Metal 3D Printer

A five-part series documents one manufacturer’s experience and lessons learned while installing a powder-bed fusion metal 3D printer.

Sintavia to Additively Manufacture Flightworthy Parts

Honeywell has approved the Tier One additive manufacturer to produce aerospace parts with powder-bed fusion. 

Direct Metal Printing Rapidly Delivers Innovative Faucet

A faucet that would be difficult to manufacture conventionally was developed and produced within weeks using Direct Metal Printing (DMP). 

How Machine Learning Is Moving AM Beyond Trial and Error

A Colorado alliance has found the link between AM and AI. Using machine learning to map the formula for successful metal 3D printing, researchers aim to know the right parameters for any new part with few or no test builds.

OR Laser Introduces Orlas Cube for Laser Cladding

Rapid 2018: The enclosed system is compatible with all laser sources and processing heads from OR Laser. 

Lightweighting with Lattices

Building components as a network of unit cells may improve material utilization and performance. 

Software Streamlines Metal Additive Manufacturing Workflows

Replacing three software packages with 3DXpert from 3D Systems reduced one company’s file processing time and increased its productivity.

APWorks, Toyal Partner on Aluminum Alloy for 3D Printing

The companies will work together to develop, produce and distribute Scalmalloy.

Video: Moldmaker Succeeding with Conformal Cooling

B&J Specialty now complements its machining capabilities with metal 3D printing for making mold inserts with cooling channels that follow the contours of the mold. The shop is even revisiting challenging molds from the past.