Interview Series

Video: Where Does Additive Manufacturing Make Sense?

Can 3D printing produce a useful, functional part? The answer is, unequivocally, yes. Editors discuss where and when AM makes sense in this video. 

Video: Smith & Nephew on 3D Printing Patient-Specific Surgical Instruments

Using MRI and additive manufacturing to produce a cutting block customized to the patient aids the precision of the surgery.

Video: Moldmaker Succeeding with Conformal Cooling

B&J Specialty now complements its machining capabilities with metal 3D printing for making mold inserts with cooling channels that follow the contours of the mold. The shop is even revisiting challenging molds from the past.

Video: Additive Manufacturing Advances at Caterpillar

Stacey DelVecchio of Caterpillar describes how AM is moving forward within a large and established company. Today, there is tooling and aftermarket parts. Ultimately, the technology will empower engineers to realize parts and products “they never even dreamed possible.”

Video: AM Succeeds with Executive Support

Güngör Kara of EOS sees buy-in from the top of the organization being a valuable factor in additive manufacturing realizing its full promise.

Video: AM’s Value Is in Product More Than Process

Marc Saunders of Renishaw says manufacturers must consider “what kind of play they’re going to make with additive.” The broadest perspective looks at AM’s potential to affect the performance of the entire product.

Video: Update on Hybrid Manufacturing

Greg Hyatt of DMG MORI notes expanded range of subtractive operations and applications likely to benefit from hybrid.

Video: Practical Considerations of Printing Functional Parts

Jonathan Schroeder of 3D Platform considers 3D printing as a manufacturer. Here are some considerations of making functional parts and cost-effective production parts.

Video: Safety Is No. 1 in Metal AM

John Murray of Concept Laser discusses safety, quality and automation as they relate to additive manufacturing for production metal parts.

Video: The Challenges Facing Additive Manufacturing

Roger Hart of Siemens describes the control technology that will address AM challenges such as surface finish and reproducibility.

Video: Additive Manufacturing Continues to Advance

James Fendrick of SLM Solutions discusses the growing adoption of AM technology in this video interview.

Video: Microfactories, Large-Scale Machines and 3D Printers in Schools

Lonnie Love of Oak Ridge National Laboratories discusses the various factors that will contribute to the advance of additive manufacturing.