Faro's Design ScanArm Scans 600,000 Points Per Second

Rapid 2018: Faro’s Design ScanArm 2.0 includes features that increase efficiency and accuracy.

Video: 3 Roles for Computer Vision in Metal 3D Printing

Carnegie Mellon University professor Elizabeth Holm explains three ways computer vision can advance powder-bed metal 3D printing.

Scanning Enables Internal Inspection of 3D-Printed Parts

Jesse Garant Metrology Center’s scanning service offers clean separation of internal components and the ability to inspect high-density materials.

Can Topography Scans Redraw the Metal Additive Inspection Map?

A new topographical mapping technology aims to detect, record and display flawed metal melt regions as they’re created.

Non-Destructive Inspection Method Detects Defects in Process

The technique, which uses laser ultrasound, could reduce waste and improve efficiency in additive manufacturing.

Jesse Garant Metrology Center Supports AM Inspection with CT Scanning

The company is investing in computed tomography (CT) equipment that will help it better serve additive manufacturing customers requiring inspection and validation services.

EOS Adds Optical Tomography System to Its Monitoring Suite

Exposure OT provides real-time, camera-based monitoring for metal additive manufacturing.

Materialise Enhances Its Magics 3D Print Suite Software

Updates include software for quality control and metal 3D printing.

Galvo Scanner Enables Micron-Level Accuracy

Rapid 2017: The scanner is said to be thermally stable and offer high resolution.

BeamCheck from MKS Instruments Profiles Lasers for AM

The beam profiling system helps to ensure accurate laser performance in additive manufacturing applications.

Incodema3D Receives First AM Quality Certification from EOS North America

The Ithaca, New York-based company is the first in North Americato receive EOS's AMQ certification.

Sigma Labs Forms Strategic Alliance with Morf3D

Under the agreement, Morf3D will leverage Sigma Labs software to help clients ensure part quality.