Inspect the Part As It Grows

The 2016 IAMA was awarded for a technology that monitors thermal radiation to map the internal consistency of a metal part as it is being made. The technology might point the way to an entirely new paradigm for inspection.

Concept Laser Wins 2016 IAMA

The company was named the second International Additive Manufacturing Award (IAMA) winner for its monitoring system.

METAV 2016 to Showcase Additive

The 19th edition of the show will include an additive space as well as a co-located 3D printing event and award presentation

Highlighting Hybrid Manufacturing

The winner of the first International Additive Manufacturing Award is a company that developed a head for adding metal additive manufacturing to an existing machine tool.

CNC and Additive are a Winning Combination

An innovative kit that enables a standard CNC machining center to integrate a metal cladding process via the automatic toolchanger makes great sense—especially when one of the leading developers states his case.

Winner Named in First-Ever International Additive Manufacturing Award

Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies Ltd. will receive the inaugural International Additive Manufacturing Award (IAMA) for its innovative methodology that enables metal deposition (via laser cladding) to be integrated on a multi-axis CNC machine.