Hybrid Manufacturing

Hybrid Production, Not Just Prototyping, at Matsuura's New Additive Manufacturing Center

The new Matsuura Machinery USA Lumex Additive Manufacturing Center is one part lab, one part showroom and one part production facility—all meant to showcase the company’s hybrid manufacturing capabilities.

3D-Hybrid's Metal AM Tools Integrate into CNC Machines

3D-Hybrid’s wire-arc AM, laser metal deposition and cold spray tools reduce the cost of metal AM, increase speed and offer new capabilities such as multi-material parts.

Europe Seeks to Develop the Jack-Of-All-Trades of Additive Manufacturing

Supported by the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Program, the Kraken project team aims to develop an AM machine that can process large functional components ranging to 20 meters in length, made of plastics, metal or both.

Vericut's Additive Module Simulates Hybrid Manufacturing

Rapid 2018: The module checks for problems in both the additive manufacturing and machining stages. 

Mazak's VC-500 AM Hybrid Offers Five-Axis Motion

Rapid 2018: The hybrid multitasking machine combines laser metal deposition with five-axis machining. 

Hybrid's Ambit PE-1 Enables Polymer 3D Printing on Machine Tools

Rapid 2018: The polymer extrusion head supports the manufacture of near-net parts, tooling, jigs and fixtures. 

Sodick's OPM250L Supports Simultaneous 3D Printing of Multiple Parts

Rapid 2018: Parallel mode technology enables the OPM250L metal 3D printer to sinter multiple parts at once with a single laser. 

Video: The Case for Hybrid Manufacturing in Moldmaking

Instead of relying on EDM to machine features recessed deep into the part, machine those features while 3D printing progresses, finishing them before they become hard to reach.

Thermwood 3D Prints Large Boat Hull Pattern

Thermwood’s large-scale additive manufacturing (LSAM) technology enabled the fabrication of a 3,000-lb plug for a boat hull mold. The project illustrates how 3D printing could help reduce fabrication costs for marine composites. 

Vericut Version 8.2.1 Includes Enhancements for Additive Manufacturing

The CNC machine simulation and optimization software from CGTech has added support for additive material deposition. 

Okuma Introduces MU-8000V Laser EX Multitasking CNC Machine

The hybrid multitasking machine tool combines traditional CNC machining with laser metal deposition capabilities. 

CGTech Partners with 3D-Hybrid Solutions

3D-Hybrid Solutions customers will be able to use Vericut software to simulate machine tools equipped with metal additive manufacturing capability.