Design for Additive

Avante Technology Introduces Emendo Cloud STL Repair Service

The Emendo Cloud Automated STL File Analysis & Repair service identifies common errors as well as their causes to prevent repetition.

The Third Bucket and the Conversion of Production: A Perspective on Polymer Development for AM

Sabic sees 3D printing taking plastics where they have not gone before, but end-user needs will push the capabilities of 3D printers.

One-Piece Robot Gripper Actuated by Shop Air

The pneumatic gripper 3D-printed as a complete working unit has demonstrated its effectiveness for continuous operation over time. It is one illustration of the role additive is liable to play in making robotic automation easier.

Siemens, HP Collaborate to Improve Full Color 3D Printing

HP Inc. and Siemens have partnered to expand the functionality of Siemens’ PLM software. 

Frustum Announces Commercial Availability of TrueSolid

The 3D volumetric kernel for generative design works alongside traditional CAD to help designers and engineers produce better parts faster.

Co-Innovating the Future of Industrial Additive Manufacturing

Siemens’ recent additive manufacturing (AM) influencer tour to Hannover Messe in Germany not only highlighted how the company’s software solution provides capabilities to industrialize AM in a single integrated system, but also demonstrated that it needs a global AM network to co-innovate the future.

3D Systems Launches 3DXpert for SolidWorks

The software incorporates tools from 3DXpert into SolidWorks that enables users to prepare and optimize designs for additive manufacturing.

3MF Consortium Releases Beam Lattice Specification Extension

The software extension provides a solution for storing and transferring lattice-type geometry information.

3D Printing the World's Smallest Flow Measurement Probes

Vectoflow has found its niche in 3D printing flow measurement probes featuring up to five holes on a probe head diameter as tiny as 0.9 mm.

Altair Releases Inspire2018 Simulation-Driven Design Software

The software enables rapid simulation, gives insight into lightweighting, and can be used by businesses with little or no simulation experience.

Polygonica Software Supports 3D Modelling

Rapid 2018: The software toolkit from MachineWorks helps users process 3D models faster. 

Genoa 3DP Simulation Software Predicts Defects

The software predicts distortion, damage types and failure locations in additively manufactured polymer and metal parts.