Testing the Waters with DMLS Faucets

A plumbing products manufacturer is expanding its luxury line with a series of faucets that could only be produced with AM.

Metal Additive Manufacturing Assists Olympic Cyclists in Rio

Custom handlebars made with selective laser melting helped a team of cyclists from France earn a medal at the 2016 Olympic Games.

Lightweight Motorcycle Made Through AM to Be Seen at IMTS

Additive manufacturing allowed electric bike’s frame to be optimized for minimal mass and material.

3D-Printed Faucets Illustrate Design Potential

New consumer faucets made possible with selective laser sintering illustrate AM’s design potential—for both commercial and industrial applications.

Customizable Bike Frame Developed with Additive Manufacturing

A bike frame featuring metal 3D-printed components demonstrates the potential for mass customization.

Lattice Generation Software Advances Bike Component Design

A U.K. research project redesigned a bike stem with an internal lattice to reduce the amount of material needed while maintaining strength.

ExOne Sees Growing Industrial Use of 3D Printing Marketplaces

Items produced from orders placed through consumer 3D printing services reveal growing use of these services by non-consumers.

Video: Custom Manufacturing Through 3D Printing

The founder of earbud manufacturer Normal describes how commonplace digital technology + 3D printing allow a consumer product to be tailored to the end user.

3D Printing and the Promise of Custom Fit

Can additive processes be used to customize wearable products to give a perfect fit to each individual? It works for ear buds….

Additive Manufacturing Is the New Normal

A company founded on the principle of individualized manufacturing puts AM to work right out front, in its retail lobby.

Urban Bike Relies on Component Produced through DMLS

A complex component that improves bike design and simplifies assembly is manufactured economically at low volumes via additive manufacturing.