HP Showcasing the Future of 3D Mass Production at IMTS

The era of 3D mass production is here. Will you be part of it? Join HP’s President of 3D Printing, Stephen Nigro, on September 11 at 9:00 a.m. CT for the opening keynote of the Additive Manufacturing Conference at IMTS.

Laser Optimization Helps Brings AM to the Next Level

A new productivity-boosting technology, called parallel mode, redefines metal 3D printer process speed.

Design Enhancements for Conformal-Cooled Insert Leverage 3D Printing Capabilities

A collaborative mold project reveals that the value of 3D printing isn’t in the process, it’s in the products.

What Does It Take to Be Safe?

The number-one thing a company can do to protect its AM investment and not interrupt production is develop a comprehensive safety policy specifically for additive.

3D Printing with Postprocessing in Mind

3D printing requires different finishing considerations than traditional manufacturing. One expert offers do’s and don’ts for approaching the finishing of additively manufactured parts.

Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze?

Is the end result of metal AM worth the effort it requires? Students of UL AMCC learn to ask this question at every stage in the process.

Biomimicry: Nature’s Way of Cooling Tools with DMLS

Research leveraged biomimicry, a design method based on structures and systems found in nature, to develop a better mold.

Postprocessing Composite Tooling: Machining, Coating or Combination Strategy?

A project testing the surface finishing options for composite tooling reveals insight about machining and coating strategies.

The Power of AM Is in Product and Process

Additive manufacturing will advance where DFAM improves product performance and is supported by the process chain.

High-Speed Milling Meets Powder-Bed Additive Manufacturing

A hybrid machining center from Sodick integrates high-speed machining with direct metal laser sintering (DMLS).

Reducing Disposal Cost for Separator Vacuums

This filtration company addresses an overlooked AM safety and environmental compliance problem.

Collaborate and Educate

Baker Industries pushes AM development and educates customers at a new collaboration center for emerging injection mold technologies.

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