Video: Advice to Manufacturers Getting Ready to Start in Additive

“It can be daunting,” says GE’s Greg Morris. “You have to make some tough decisions while things are not going well.” And yet, as he looks to the future of additive manufacturing, he says, “There is probably going to be a shortage of supply, not demand.”

Finding the Value Proposition for Additive Manufacturing

Why would anyone want to use additive manufacturing?

Postprocessing Steps and Costs for Metal 3D Printing

When your metal part is done 3D printing, you just pull it out of the machine and start using it, right? Not even close.

Video: “I Think You Ignore Additive Manufacturing at Your Peril”

I check in with Greg Morris of GE Additive, hearing his views on AM’s continuing promise and importance. Representatives of John Deere, Smith & Nephew, B&J Specialty and Tangible Solutions share their views on the same question.

Renishaw Launches Additive Manufacturing Guide

The online resource is intended to help increase the use of AM in mainstream manufacturing. 

Why Does My 3D-Printed Part Cost So Much?

The machine, the facility and the material are just three costs behind the price tag.

Accepting the AM Revolution at Baker Industries

Making a case for additive manufacturing integration whenever it makes sense is the standard at Baker Industries.

Auburn University's Roadmap to Additive Manufacturing Education

As additive manufacturing workforce needs grow and AM technologies evolve, what does a higher-ed additive program look like? Is additive manufacturing a college major, minor or something else?

With Additive Manufacturing, No Tooling Is Required

In conventional manufacturing methods, tooling can easily cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. With AM, you print as needed, no jigs, fixtures or tooling required.

AM Enables Manufacturing for Design, Not the Other Way Around

Additive manufacturing allows us to make any shape we want, without having to adapt the design for the manufacturing process.

Series: Installing a Metal 3D Printer

A five-part series documents one manufacturer’s experience and lessons learned while installing a powder-bed fusion metal 3D printer.

Video: Where Does Additive Manufacturing Make Sense?

Can 3D printing produce a useful, functional part? The answer is, unequivocally, yes. Editors discuss where and when AM makes sense in this video.