Stephanie Hendrixson Senior Editor

Stephanie Hendrixson

Stephanie Hendrixson Senior Editor


Magnetic 3D Printing with Fiber Reinforcement Fills Tooling Gap

Fortify’s Digital Composite Manufacturing (DCM) platform pairs high-performance resins with fiber reinforcement that can be controlled at the voxel level. The process promises a faster route to durable injection mold tooling.


Additive Manufacturing Is Advancing Toward Production, in Higher Quantities

The September issue of Additive Manufacturing magazine illustrates success stories and future potential for 3D printing in production applications.

Metal AM

3DEO’s Strategy to Perfect and Scale Metal AM

With a fast, flexible and increasingly automated process for metal additive manufacturing, 3DEO believes it’s cracking the code for volume production.

Polymer AM

Large-Scale 3D Printing Supports Innovation in Construction

Branch Technology’s robot-based Cellular Fabrication (C-Fab) 3D printing technology builds open matrices in high-performance polymers. These structures could be the framework for better, more sustainable building practices.

Polymer AM

The Technology House Steps into 3D Printing for Production

The Technology House was founded on stereolithography for prototyping, but each step forward has been a move toward production. The company is now 3D printing end-use parts, enabled by Carbon’s SpeedCell line and durable materials.


Managing AM's Details with a Manufacturing Execution System

Like any other production process, additive manufacturing needs tools to manage data. Bluestreak’s manufacturing execution system (MES) is one option for companies focused on production.


Video Playlist: Additive Manufacturing 101

Looking for a quick introduction to 3D printing and its application in additive manufacturing? Watch these videos. 


Video: 3D Printing Is a Complement and Competitor to Injection Molding

Ken Burns of Forecast 3D, an early adopter of HP Multi Jet Fusion, sees 3D printing as both a complement and a competitor to injection molding. He shares why in this interview.


Where to Find Additive Manufacturing at IMTS 2018

The September trade show includes exhibits, conferences and more related to AM. 

Metal AM

AM Conference: Replicate, Adapt and Optimize for Additive Manufacturing

Dr. Timothy Simpson discusses how manufacturers can take a crawl-walk-run approach to design for AM at the 2018 Additive Manufacturing Conference. 

Metal AM

AM Conference: Can 3D-Printed Titanium Beat Carbon Fiber?

Metron Advanced Equipment pits a 3D-printed titanium part against its carbon fiber composite counterpart in a case study to be presented at the 2018 Additive Manufacturing Conference.

Polymer AM

3D-Printed Fixtures Aid CMM Inspection of 3D Printer Parts

Cincinnati Inc. has found that 3D-printed fixtures save money and effort in the inspection process for machined parts used in its SAAM 3D printers.