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Forget What You Know

By: Peter Zelinski

In small ways and in very big ways, additive manufacturing changes basic assumptions about the design of manufactured parts. Oak Ridge National Laboratory is discovering what the new assumptions should be.

How Would You Make This Bracket Better?

By: Peter Zelinski

When design constraints are taken away, what does the very best design for a given application look like?

Landspeed Record with Laser Melting

By: Peter Zelinski

The very first object to break the landspeed barrier of 1,000 mph is likely to be a part produced through additive manufacturing.

Additive Manufacturing for In-House Tooling

By: Peter Zelinski

One of the benefits of having additive manufacturing capability in-house is that it gives the manufacturer an efficient resource for quickly producing custom devices for use in its own processes.

Latest Issue of AM: Seeing is Believing

By: Peter Zelinski

A photo essay documents the types of parts that are possible with an additive production process. The parts come from a medical manufacturing company that is now using additive manufacturing to create implants and instruments that would have been impossible or impractical to create by any other means.

After the Hype, the Promise Remains

By: Peter Zelinski

I had assumed that writing about manufacturing technology would always mean writing about topics that few people appreciate. Then came additive manufacturing.

Obstacles to the Adoption of Additive Manufacturing

By: Peter Zelinski

Renishaw was a user of additive manufacturing before it became an OEM supplying additive manufacturing technology—specifically, laser melting systems for producing metal parts. For a metrology company to diversify into additive manufacturing machinery in this way indicates the long-term promise the company sees for this method of manufacturing.

Something More

By: Peter Zelinski

The integration of manufacturing with product development creates a context that will help additive manufacturing advance.

Medical & Dental

Medical Benefits

By: Peter Zelinski

Part examples from an established manufacturer of medical implants and instruments illustrate the expanded engineering possibilities that additive manufacturing is making possible.
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Rapid Show Reveals Interest in Additive Manufacturing for Production

By: Peter Zelinski

Interest in additive manufacturing was evident at last week’s Rapid show in Pittsburgh.

Additive Manufacturing in the Job Shop

By: Peter Zelinski

This small shop invested in production 3D printing in part because its owner expects other manufacturers to make the same move. He wanted a head start.
#machining #polymer

Baklund: Lessons About Additive

By: Peter Zelinski

Make extras. Make the part before even winning the job. Additive manufacturing encourages atypical strategies such as these.