Jedd Cole


Additive Manufacturing Magazine Expanding in 2018

New writing staff and expanded industry events presage a transition from four print issues per year to six, starting in 2018.

Metal AM

rp+m Pursues R&D toward Additive for Production with Concept Laser Machine

rp+m elaborates on its adoption of powder-bed metal additive manufacturing technology.


Alcoa Opens Powdered Metal Production Facility for Metal 3D Printing

The facility will be used to produce titanium, nickel and aluminum powders.


Turn-Mill Capable of Additive Manufacturing

WFL Millturn Technologies will display the 4,500-mm M80 Millturn, a hybrid machine which combines turn-mill capabilities with additive manufacturing.


Linear Mold to Become Additive Manufacturing Solutions Provider

The company says it means to address what it calls the Additive Manufacturing (AM) Gap in the 3D metal printing marketplace.