Christina M. Fuges Editorial Director

Christina M. Fuges Editorial Director

Editorial Director Christina M. Fuges has 27 years of experience in trade publishing. She has been MMT’s Editorial Director for the past 21 years. She was a founding partner of Communication Technologies, Inc. (CTI), which launched the publication and its annual trade show, the MoldMaking Expo (now Amerimold expo). She also was editorial director for CTI’s three other trade publications: Time-Compression Technologies, Continuity Insights and Emergency Number Professional. MMT was acquired by Gardner Business Media in 2004. Christina is also the Technical Conference Director for the annual Amerimold expo and a contributing editor for Additive Manufacturing. Prior to MMT, Christina was with Witter Publishing as Managing Editor for two critical cleaning publications: Precision Cleaning and Parts Cleaning magazines. Christina’s passion is building community within the audiences her publications serve by providing relevant print, digital and conference content focused on both technology and business issues, while working cooperatively with technology suppliers, mold builders, industry associations and educational facilities. Christina lives outside of Philadelphia with her husband and son who are all active within their church, school and local community. When she’s not working, she spends time raising awareness for Williams Syndrome, which is a genetic disorder her son has, and enjoys being outdoors, reading and planning family events. She loves the sun and the beach.


3 Ways a Small Mold Builder Uses 3D Printing

Mold builder uses 3D printing for simultaneous mold manufacturing, conformal cooling and hybrid designs. 


3D Printing with Postprocessing in Mind

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Metal AM

Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze?

Is the end result of metal AM worth the effort it requires? Students of UL AMCC learn to ask this question at every stage in the process.

Design for Additive

Biomimicry: Nature’s Way of Cooling Tools with DMLS

Research leveraged biomimicry, a design method based on structures and systems found in nature, to develop a better mold.


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Design for Additive

The Power of AM Is in Product and Process

Additive manufacturing will advance where DFAM improves product performance and is supported by the process chain.

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High-Speed Milling Meets Powder-Bed Additive Manufacturing

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Reducing Disposal Cost for Separator Vacuums

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Metal AM

SLM Achieves Weight Reduction for Robot Actuator

Selective laser melting made it possible to create a lighter, better performing actuator for a quadruped robot.

Metal AM

Collaborate and Educate

Baker Industries pushes AM development and educates customers at a new collaboration center for emerging injection mold technologies.

Metal AM

Continuing to Champion AM

Colorado manufacturer Faustson Tool has received the Manufacturer’s Edge Manufacturing Innovation Award for efforts in support of a metal AM research center.

AM Technology

AMUG Presents the Pains, Potential and Power of AM

The exhibits and presentations at AMUG 2016 afforded insights into where additive is, and where it is going.