Video: Will the Precision of Metal AM Improve?

Improved accuracy and repeatability will come from better understanding of process parameters and better prediction of the process. But the precision today already surpasses other near-net-shape processes.
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Are the accuracy and repeatability of metal additive manufacturing processes today inherent characteristics of those processes, or can we expect the accuracy and repeatability to improve?

That was one of the questions discussed within an additive manufacturing panel discussion recently hosted by machine tool builder Mazak.

The answer that came out touches on many topics. Additive manufacturing equipment suppliers such as Mazak continue to advance in their understanding of the effect of various process parameters on the accuracy of the build. Meanwhile, simulation technology will also play a role in predicting a given build’s fidelity to its original digital model. Then there is the question of how much accuracy is really needed in order for additive manufacturing to succeed.

This video captures the complete 7-minute segment of the discussion covering the question about precision. The participants in the panel (from viewer’s left to right in this video) were:

In this video, the audio volume drops off somewhat when the moderator speaks. That’s OK—the moderator is me.​