Video: Production Additive Manufacturing Is Coming

Additive systems are proving capable for cost-effective production even of parts that aren’t all that complex. This will be the next phase of AM.


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Additive manufacturing technology is a production resource. Manufacturers need to recognize this. The idea that AM is only for complex parts and only for low quantities is being disproven by AM systems coming to market. Explore our coverage of production AM.


Additive manufacturing for scale production is coming. In some places, it's already here.

There was an idea not long ago that additive is for very complex, high-end parts at low quantities. But additive systems are coming to market that deliver high production rates, repeatable production, cost-effective production—even for parts that aren't all that complex.

Additive technology is advancing. Production is the area where the advances might be profound. We need to watch this.

Additive is taking its place in manufacturing, and the next step—what's coming—is additive taking its place in manufacturing of production quantities.


3D Printing for Production

Additive manufacturing is becoming a viable option for manufacturing parts at scale. Manufacturers are 3D printing volumes ranging from “batch size one” to full-scale production. New products and supply chains offer additional opportunities for AM to be the manufacturing technology of choice. VISIT THE ZONE