The Reach of Additive Manufacturing in Latest 2019 Issue

The latest issue of Additive Manufacturing Magazine illustrates the wide reach of additive manufacturing.


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Additive manufacturing (AM) is excelling at reaching its potential. In past issues of our magazine, we have discussed companies and parts that are pushing additive production, materials, acceptance and more. We have seen how much AM touches, and in the November 2019 Issue of Additive Manufacturing Magazine, we see AM’s influence once again.

AM November Issue

November 2019 Additive Manufacturing Magazine.

Our cover story looks at a company who took a step back from traditional die cast tooling in automotive and asked whether or not additive manufacturing was the answer. According to Exco Engineering, whose customers include the top Three automakers, additively manufactured die cast components can provide a distinct competitive edge. With their success using AM for die cast tooling, the Exco team is altering the definition of what 3D printing production can mean for the auto industry.

The impact of AM is found in solutions to everyday problems as well. In another feature, Pengraff UK is using Ultimaker 3D printers to solve problems. Providing prototypes and manufacturing mounting solutions, the company is reaching users in a market where eventually recycling the parts is a part of the use cycle. With AM, they found a way to manufacture with recyclable plastics and move forward in their sustainable mission.

Also in this issue:

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