The Cool Parts Show Season 2 Out Now

Season 2 covers cool 3D printed parts from a major automaker, a custom glasses company, a drone engine manufacturer, a dental lab and a research organization.
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Editor’s Note: One of the last things we did before the reality of the coronavirus situation fully reached the United States was to film this wrap-up concluding Season 2 of The Cool Parts Show. We’re posting it now in a time that feels very different. We have stopped filming and developing new episodes for the time being — the studio is off-limits for a while, and many of the places making cool parts are either closed or focused on other serious concerns right now. We look forward to resuming the show as soon as we are able, and hope the existing seasons can be a bright spot in these uncertain times. 

We’ve just wrapped up Season 2 of The Cool Parts Show, which means you can now find all of the episodes on YouTube, The Cool Parts Show link at the top of the page, or at our new URL, thecoolpartsshow.com!

This season covers a range of plastic and metal 3D printed parts, with episodes focused on: a bracket for a high-performance vehicle, custom glasses, a cylinder for a drone engine, a mouthguard, and a vacuum chamber for quantum physics research. In each episode, cohost Pete Zelinski and I talk about how the part was made, what it says about additive manufacturing, and, of course, what makes it cool. 

While we’ve kept the same format for the show, you will notice something new: Each Season 2 episode includes segments filmed at the Emerging Technology Center (ETC), a production additive manufacturing facility in Athens, Alabama, run by our season sponsor Carpenter Additive. At the end of each episode we explore a different department or capability at the ETC, including powder handling, hot isostatic pressing (HIPing), heat treat, machining and inspection. 

Season 3 is currently in the works and will be coming out mid-2020. In the meantime, we’ll continue to post new videos to our YouTube channel (subscribe if you haven’t already!) and report on technology developments, applications and more in additive manufacturing here on our website, AM Update e-newsletter and in our print magazine

Thank you for watching! 


Stephanie Hendrixson

Thank you for watching Season 2 of The Cool Parts Show!

Pete Zelinski

We have had such a great season, right? We covered parts ranging from a Mustang part, a Ford Mustang bracket to a component for a quantum physics vacuum chamber.

Stephanie Hendrixson

Yeah, and we’ve been to some cool places we got to go to the Youngstown Business Incubator, to Ford, I went to the dentist...

Pete Zelinski

You went to the dentist! And the Emerging Cechnology Center. Thank you, Carpenter Additive. for being our exclusive sponsor for Season Two.

Stephanie Hendrixson

We’re going to go on hiatus for a little bit. We’re going to be working really hard on Season 3, but we’ll have a couple of other videos fro you in the meantime and we’ll be back soon with a whole new batch of cool parts.

Pete Zelinski

Of you haven’t seen all our episodes, you can find them at our new handy URL, TheCoolPartsShow.com.

Stephanie Hendrixson

You can also keep up with what’s happening in 3D printing by subscribing to the Additive Manufacturing e-newsletter or magazine at AdditiveManufacturing.Media.

Pete Zelinski

At AdditiveManufacturing.Media, you’ll find all our social media handles there too. Follow us there, subscribe on YouTube, and you’ll know when Season 3 drops.

Stephanie Hendrixson

See you soon.