Spotlight on Tooling in May Issue

3D-printed tooling—parts for making other parts—is the theme running through this month’s Additive Manufacturing magazine. Also highlighted is the upcoming Rapid trade show and conference.
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Tooling—in other words, the parts that make parts—is the theme you’ll find spread throughout the May issue of Additive Manufacturing magazine. In addition to the editor’s commentary that makes the case for 3D-printed tooling as an aid to conventional production, this issue features:

  • AES, a startup using a Big Area Additive Manufacturing (BAAM) 3D printer to offer short lead times for big industrial tools;
  • The story of an aerospace contractor that was able to bring much of its custom tooling work in-house after adding an FDM 3D printer;
  • The MarkForged Metal X, a new machine that the company sees serving tooling needs; and
  • A collaborative project highlighting design enhancements for mold tooling made possible by additive manufacturing.

You’ll also find an extensive preview of the products that will be displayed at this year’s Rapid trade show and conference, coming up May 8-11, plus the usual technology developments, industry news and reports from AMT—The Association For Manufacturing Technology.