Now Available: Additive Manufacturing February 2015 Digital Edition

Stories describe the process realities of making parts through additive manufacturing, as well as a company making custom earbuds based on selfies of customers’ ears.


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Once you make the move to producing parts through additive manufacturing, what does your world look like? AM is not as easy as hitting a “print” button—it has process considerations all its own (just like any other manufacturing process). The cover story of the February issue of Additive Manufacturing looks at this. Researchers who are involved in helping industrial users adopt additive manufacturing talk about the realities of making metal parts with this process. Also in this issue, we profile Normal, a unique New York manufacturer and retailer that uses 3D printing to manufacture custom-fit earbuds from photographs of customers’ ears. Read these stories in the digital edition of the issue. To subscribe to Additive Manufacturing, go here.