Four Stories on Metals for Additive Manufacturing

Explore metal materials for additive manufacturing in depth with this article round-up.
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Successful additive manufacturing with powdered metals demands understanding of the materials involved. The following articles offer insight:

  1. Material Differences
    Additive manufacturing demands different thinking about the metal stock.
  2. Plasma Spheroidization Improves Quality of Metal Powder for AM
    Plasma technology produces metal powders that are more spherical and provide better properties for additive manufacturing. 
  3. Experiment Tests the Reusability of Titanium Powder
    A study ran the same batch of powder through build after build, evaluating it each time. The results support the viability of AM for ongoing production. 
  4. Case Studies of Multi-Material Manufacturing
    Tools for injection molding, die casting and powder compaction all illustrate the potential to achieve greater part performance and manufacturing efficiency by blending workpiece materials through AM.