Coming December 8: The Cool Parts Show Live

Join us December through February for monthly special installments of The Cool Parts Show live inside IMTS spark. 


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The Cool Parts Show, now in its third season, has allowed us to highlight new and emerging applications for 3D printing technology. We’ve seen how additive manufacturing (AM) has changed the way that shoe insoles, eyeglasses and dental devices are being made today, and how it will change rocket engines, reconstructive surgeries, quantum physics research and more in the future. But there’s at least one thing we haven’t done yet: a live taping. 

Starting in December, cohost Peter Zelinski and I will host one special live episode of The Cool Parts Show per month through IMTS spark. We’ll have experts on hand to address the design, materials, manufacturing and use of each cool part — and to field questions from the audience! 

Join us December 8 at 3:30 p.m. Eastern for the first live episode, highlighting a previously injection molded part that is now 3D printed for optimal fluid dynamics. 

Register for IMTS spark for free here, and then add the session to your MySpark Planner to gain access to the live stream. We hope to see you there! 

The Cool Parts Show presented by AM

The Cool Parts Show is a video series from Additive Manufacturing Media that explores the what, how and why of unusual 3D printed parts. Watch more here.

Have a cool part to share? Email us.


Peter Zelinski

Great news everybody, soon we will be bringing you our very first live episode of The Cool Parts Show.

Stephanie Hendrixson

That’s right, on December 8th, we will have the first of a series of special episodes of The Cool Parts Show streaming inside the IMTS spark platform. 

Peter Zelinski

We will have the part live with us, we’ll have our experts live with us, you can interact with us in real time, ask questions. Stephanie, our first edition of The Cool Parts Show Live, what will be the cool part?

Stephanie Hendrixson

Nice try, you’ll have to tune in to find out. But I can tell you it is a redesign of a previously injection molded part—Redesigned for 3d printing, but they used fluid dynamics to come to the final, most effective desing possible.

Peter Zelinski

The Cool Parts Show Live, December 8, 3:30 p.m. Eastern. Go to IMTS Spark now and add it to your planner. IMTS.com/spark. 

Stephanie Hendrixson

Registration is free. We’ll see you then!