3D Printing Enables Casting in November Issue

The November 2017 issue of Additive Manufacturing magazine features a foundry augmenting its traditional operations with a robotic sand 3D printing system, among other stories.
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The Hazleton Casting Company, the subject of this issue’s cover story, considers its sand 3D printer a “game changer.” That’s partly because implementing this system has enabled the company to dramatically speed lead times for castings by reducing the time it takes to create molds. It’s also because sand 3D printing is a step toward a larger promise: a direct-to-print model in which manufacturers could be freed from storing physical patterns. Find Hazleton’s story in this month’s digital edition of Additive Manufacturing magazine.

Also in this issue:

  • A metal matrix composite (MMC) developed by Elementum 3D is extending the range of applications for MMCs into highly complex, lightweight forms.
  • Forecast 3D, an early adopter of HP’s Multi Jet Fusion technology, shares how it sees this technology as an alternative to injection molding for part volumes in the tens of thousands.
  • A 3D-printed medical drill incorporates conformal cooling lines that feed coolant along the helix and back to the toolholder, protecting bone from heat damage (and coolant contamination) during surgery.
  • A research project pairs polymer 3D printing with investment casting to create a lightweight airplane seat frame with an organic appearance.

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