Read the May 2016 Issue of Additive Manufacturing Magazine

Stories in this month’s issue examine both current applications and anticipated future developments for additive manufacturing.


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The latest issue of Additive Manufacturing magazine takes a look inside Caterpillar’s new Additive Manufacturing Factory, a facility where the company is exploring applications for FDM, SLA, material jetting and laser melting. Caterpillar is already using additive manufacturing to make real, useful parts like prototypes and aftermarket components at this factory, but is simultaneously preparing to use AM for production in the future. Caterpillar’s forward-looking approach to additive is echoed in other stories this month:


  • Arcam speaks to the promise and progress of additive manufacturing for the aerospace and orthopedic industries.
  • AM firm rp+m explains why it spends time helping partners develop additive-enabled parts that will come to market in the future.
  • AMT—The Association For Manufacturing Technology’s interview with Denis Cormier, professor of engineering at RIT, details the promise of multifunctional 3D printing with electrically conductive nanoparticles.
  • OEMs and users discuss current limitations on additive manufacturing and the improvements that will be necessary to meet them.

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