SLM Solutions Premieres Meltpool Monitoring

Rapid 2017: The company will also showcase the upgraded SLM 280 2.0 system.

SLM Solutions will unveil its in-process melt-pool monitoring capability on an SLM 125 during Rapid 2017. The company's melt-pool monitoring will detect the thermal emissions from the melt pool in real-time and archive the data as part of the build record. According to SLM Solutions, such in-process monitoring improves the build process by allowing builds to be aborted if defects are detected or adjustments to be made during the print. Effective analysis and improvement of build parameters is advanced through the recorded data.

SLM Solutions will also present a SLM 280 2.0 upgraded system with increased laser power and advanced gas flow. According to the company, the metal additive manufacturing system's large build chamber and twin 700-W lasers make it highly productive.