Methods Machine Tools Automated Cell Speeds 3D-Printed Part Throughput

Rapid 2017: An automated cell combining 3D printing and subtractive machining speeds part production.

Methods Machine Tools showcases an automation cell that combines additive manufacturing with robotics and subtractive processes for fast, efficient production of finished parts. 

The 20-ft  cell includes a 3D-printed product in-feeding station which shuttles 3D parts on build plates into a FANUC C600 EDM machine that makes a cut between the parts and build plates. In the next station, a FANUC robot snaps the plates from the printed parts and transfers the parts to a FANUC RoboDrill for a final machining operation.

The automated manufacturing cell was designed to reduce the total time from 3D printing to final postprocessing. The company says it can improve total part throughput while eliminating manual labor.