BeamCheck from MKS Instruments Profiles Lasers for AM

The beam profiling system helps to ensure accurate laser performance in additive manufacturing applications.

MKS Instruments offers BeamCheck from Ophir, a beam profiling system that ensures accurate laser performance in additive manufacturing applications, such as selective laser sintering (SLS) and selective laser melting (SLM).

BeamCheck is an integrated laser measurement system that measures critical beam parameters in laser-based additive manufacturing: focal spot size, laser power and laser power density at the build plane, and changes in spot size and power density over time. The system helps to ensure that the lasear is delivering the correct amount of power with the proper distribution and focus. 

BeamCheck integrates a high-resolution CCD camera for spatial measurements and a NIST-traceable power sensor for a complete analysis of the laser power density profile. The camera is located at the build plane so an accurate power density model of the working laser beam can be made, the company says. A beam splitter directs a small percentage of the beam from the fiber laser to the camera, while the majority of the beam is directed to the integrated power sensor. From these measurements, an accurate beam spot size and power density can be derived.