Type A Machines Releases Enterprise Bundle

The bundle includes the company’s BuildTak FlexPlate system and a new tungsten carbide hot end.

The Series 1 Pro Enterprise Bundle from Type A Machines features a BuildTak FlexPlate system and tungsten carbide hot end. Designed for heavy-use printing in industrial prototyping shops, print farms, education labs and service bureau, the bundle is said to provide increased durability for the printer components most exposed to wear and tear.

The bundle includes a 3D printer with a build volume measuring 12" × 12" × 12" (350 × 350 × 350 mm); a G2 extruder with new tungsten carbide hot end; borosilicate glass heated build platform; BuildTak FlexPlate system with two sheets of BuildTak; a webcam; and Wi-Fi capability. The printer supports ABS, PLA, HIPS, PET+, brick, wood and flexible (TPE) filaments.

The printer offers a fast-heating 360-W build platform equipped with the two-part BuildTak FlexPlate system. The system consists of a magnetic mounting plate upon which a BuiltTak-surfaced FlexPlate is installed. BuildTak is an adhesive-based sheet designed to create an optimal bond between the 3D-printed object and the build surface, eliminating the need for glue, masking tape or films. After printing onto the FlexPlate, users detach the plate from the mounting base and flex it back and forth to remove the prints.

The Series 1 Pro Enterprise Bundle also includes a new tungsten carbide hot end as a standard needle of Type A Machines’ G2 extruder. The tungsten carbide material has a Vickers hardness value of 1,600 HV, improving wear resistance and extending the extruder’s service life.