Sigma Labs Introduces PrintRite3D Inspect Software 2.0

The quality assurance software can help optimize additive manufacturing processes.

Sigma Labs has released version 2.0 of its PrintRite3D Inspect quality assurance software for additive manufacturing. Version 2.0 is a web-based program with improved meltpool algorithms and enhanced QA documentation, which the company says enables greater precision, repeatability and compliance. According to Sigma Labs, the software enables early defect detection and can help optimize production and reduce risks.

PrintRite3D Inspect provides position-related anomaly detection, real-time data acquisition and visualization via an HMI module, and a data analysis engine. The software uses sensor data and established in-process metrics for each metal or alloy during additive manufacturing. Real-time quality metric data for both material and process dynamics can be reported layer-by layer. In-process quality data is predictive of postprocess physical characteristics, and the software enables interrogation of suspect part data. The program can provide part quality reports based on statistical analysis of manufacturing process data.