Eureka Dry Tech Offers Dry Cabinet for 3D Printing Filament Storage

The cabinet controls humidity and helps prevent filament from absorbing moisture.

Eureka Dry Tech’s ADL-3D77 is a dry cabinet intended for the storage of 3D printing filament. According to the company, filament polymers can absorb moisture, affecting the quality of a print. The cabinet provides an air-tight, low-humidity environment to prevent moisture and dust from contaminating the filament.

The cabin has an adjustable hanging rod to accommodate spools ranging to 33 cm in diameter. Four filament feed ports support filament as large as 3 mm and enable printing directly from the cabinet. Molecular sieves desiccants dry filament without heat, which can weaken its tensile strength.

An automatic humidity control system enables the user to set the desired humidity level and allow the dehumidifier core unit to manage the environment inside the cabinet. The unit has no consumable parts or water tanks, and offers low energy consumption, the company says.