Concept Laser Premieres Mlab Cusing 200R

New Product From: 2/14/2017 Additive Manufacturing,

The metal additive manufacturing machine offers a larger build area than the Mlab cusing R model.

Concept Laser Mlab Cusing 200R

Concept Laser has unveiled the “big brother” of its Mlab Cusing R system, the Mlab Cusing 200R. This metal additive manufacturing system makes it possible to manufacture larger parts with greater productivity, while retaining a compact machine architecture, the company says.

This MLab Cusing 200R offers laser power of 200 W, double that off the previous model. An expanded build area now covers 100 × 100 mm. The build volume has been expanded by more than 50 percent thanks to the Z axis, now enlarged to 100 mm as well. A larger filter enables significantly longer machine running time, while the clamping system provides more accurate part positioning.

The additive manufacturing machine features water-floodable filter modules and physically separates the process and handling chambers, ensuring safety and easing handling. The closed system means that all process steps take place under inert gas, shielded from external influences, resulting in reliable, maximum quality.

The machine is available with a QM Powder S inertized sieving station, a stand-alone unit that enables independent and automated sieving alongside the production process. The unit uses a three-dimensional sieving motion to enable optimum utilization of the open sieve surface area. A variable number of sieves ranging from one to three can be applied.

Concept Laser has also announced the availability of processing parameters for new precious metal alloys in its Mlab systems. Alloys now supported include silver, yellow gold, rose gold, red gold and platinum.