Sculpteo Adds Metal Binder Jet Printing on ExOne Platform

The company can now print metal parts with a stainless steel and bronze composite material.

Sculpteo now offers industrial-grade metal binder jet printing on the ExOne M-Flex platform. The M-Flex platform produces 420 stainless steel material that is infiltrated with bronze powder, delivering a composite material that is 60 percent stainless steel and 40 percent bronze. Metal binder jetting is said to be a fast and low-cost metal 3D printing technique that is ideal for models, prototypes, finished objects with complex shapes.

Finishing options include raw, sandblasted/unpolished and mechanical polishing, which is smoother with layers still visible on rounded objects. Plating options include nickel and gold. 

The M-Flex 3D printer has a maximum build size of 736.6 × 381 × 361.95 mm for raw printing. The plating option reduces the build size to 177.8 × 177.8 × 177.8 mm and the polished finish reduces it to 152.4 × 152.4 × 152.4 mm. 

Approximate shipping time for binder jetting is 16 days. Plating in gold or nickel can extend the processing time by 2-3 days on average.