OR Laser Partners with Heraeus to Develop Powdered Metal Materials

Heraeus obtains OR Laser’s Orlas Creator system to test a wide range of powdered materials.

OR Laser has partnered with Heraeus to develop optimized powdered metal materials for additive manufacturing (AM) applications with OR Laser’s Orlas Creator metal 3D printing platform.

The Orlas Creator enables printing high-quality, economic metal products and parts with a powder-bed process that utilizes a high-quality laser and proprietary recoater blade. OR Laser is releasing the Orlas Creator with an open-source materials approach. This agreement with Heraeus will help to ensure optimal performance for the 3D printer.

Under the agreement, Heraeus will obtain an Orlas Creator system and use it to fully test a wide range of powdered materials. Heraeus aims to qualify its powdered materials for the system and develop specific 3D-printing parameters and guidelines for its powders.