ExOne Highlights 3D-Printed Washout Tooling

Rapid 2017: ExOne's binder system enables 3D-printed washout tooling for composite parts.

Strangpresse Model 19 Extruder Supports Pellet-to-Print Applications

Rapid 2017: The extruder works with bulk polymer pellets.

Aerospace Contractor Brings Custom Tooling In-House with FDM 3D Printing

Adding an FDM 3D printer enabled a producer of subassemblies for aircraft to bypass traditional tooling solutions on many custom tools and bring much of this work in-house.

From CAD File to Composite Part in 72 Hours

This Akron company focuses on large-format 3D printing for tooling, including composites layup tooling. Among the advantages are short lead times and adaptability to changes.

Video: Additive Manufacturing Advances at Caterpillar

Stacey DelVecchio of Caterpillar describes how AM is moving forward within a large and established company. Today, there is tooling and aftermarket parts. Ultimately, the technology will empower engineers to realize parts and products “they never even dreamed possible.”

Postprocessing Composite Tooling: Machining, Coating or Combination Strategy?

A project testing the surface finishing options for composite tooling reveals insight about machining and coating strategies.

Drilling Jig an Example of How 3D Printing Assists Machining

A machine shop benefits from 3D printing as a means of efficiently making custom hardware to aid both the process and the machines.

Type A Machines Introduces EverydayPLA and PerformancePLA Filament

The two materials have been developed in partnership with filament manufacturers.

ORNL Awarded Guinness World Records Title for Largest Solid 3D-Printed Item

The 3D-printed trim-and-drill tool is roughly the length of a large SUV.

Additive for Fixturing, Machine Tool Components

Additive manufacturing is being used for more than prototyping these days. Here are two examples of how a machine shop might leverage this technology.

Selective Laser Sintering Cuts Lead Time for Clamping Unit Assembly

Industrial automation provider Comau redesigned a three-part clamping assembly for additive manufacturing, realizing benefits in lead time and waste.

Stratasys Partners with Machine Tool Distributor Gosiger to Bring AM to the Shop Floor

Stratasys gains manufacturing relationships and expertise through its new supplier relationship with Gosiger.