Polymer AM

Students Develop Design for Additive Manufacturing (DFAM) Worksheet for 3D Printing Success

A team of researchers at Purdue University developed and tested a DFAM worksheet to help novice and intermediate 3D printing users increase build success and minimize reprints.

3D Systems CEO: Speed Is the Enabler to Production

Speed will change things, says Joshi. When we imagine that additive doesn’t have a role in high-volume production, we have failed to account for all the ways that faster 3D printing affects the economics.

Sabic Debuts High-Performance Filaments for FDM

Designed for use with Stratasys Fortus printers, the filement grades enable durable end-use parts.

3D-Printed Tools Are in Production at Falcon Jet

High part variability and low volume make 3D-printed tooling the right fit for Falcon Jet components.

BASF and Essentium Form Partnership

The partnership seeks to advance fused filament fabrication (FFF) technology.

Stratasys Introduces Continuous Build 3D Demonstrator

The modular 3D printing solution was created with an eye toward low-volume, continuous production.

Envisiontec Perfactory 3D Printer Features Custom LED System for Resin Curing

The fourth generation of EnvisionTec's Perfactory 4 line of DLP 3D printers features a new custom LED light system said to be more powerful and efficient than other light projector system.

Impossible Objects Pilots Model One 3D Printer

Multi-material 3D printer combines composite sheets and polymer powder to build strong, lightweight parts.

Ohio Business Sees Big Possibilities in BAAM for Tooling

A new startup built around a large-scale 3D printer aims to offer short lead times for large industrial tools.

Essentium Releases FlashFuse Process

The process is said to create 3D-printed parts as strong as those made via injection molding.

Stanley Black & Decker Introduces Model 1 3D Printer

The company's first 3D printer is designed for safe, quiet and reliable operation.

Composite Powder Windform RL Provides Rubber-Like Features

The 3D printing material is suitable for flexible, durable parts and prototypes.