Sabic Debuts High-Performance Filaments for FDM

Designed for use with Stratasys Fortus printers, the filement grades enable durable end-use parts.

Composite Powder Windform RL Provides Rubber-Like Features

The 3D printing material is suitable for flexible, durable parts and prototypes.

LPW Technology to Showcase PowderTrace for Metal Powder Control

Rapid 2017: The AM metal powder control and traceability solution relies on "smart hoppers" capable of monitoring powder conditions.

Vorti-Siv Model RVM-15E Sieve Unit Recovers Powder

Rapid 2017: The gyratory sieve unit aids in recovering powder used in additive manufacturing.

CarTech Puris 5+ Titanium Alloy Offers Low Oxygen Content

Rapid 2017: The material from Carpenter Powder Products is said to meet Grade 5 specifications.

UL Introduces New Plastics for AM Program

Rapid 2017: The new UL Blue Card program presents data necessary to prove the safety of plastics for 3D printing.

Sandvik Osprey Supplies Metal Powders

Rapid 2017: Batch sizes suitable for development through large-scale production are available.

LPW Technology Receives Strategic Investment from Stratasys

The company continues the development of its powder management solution for metal additive manufacturing.

Stratasys Adds PolyJet Materials and FDM Carbon Fiber-Filled Nylon

The company's latest nylon material is said to be strong enough to replace metal in some applications.

HP Collaborates with SigmaDesign to Offer Materials Development Kit for 3D Printing Materials

The materials development kit is intended to help ease the certification and testing process for 3D printing materials.

Building Begins at Oerlikon Michigan Facility

The building is expected to be completed in 2018.

Inert to Debut Powder Handling Glove Box at Rapid 2017

Rapid 2017: The glove box provides an inert environment for handling powdered materials.